Pathway’s Three Future Stories

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Pathway to the Future – God’s Future for us to Fulfill our Kingdom Potential

Below are our beginning three stories. Each are in a separate post. To help us gather comments and ideas, use the comment section of each post to write what your thoughts on that story are.

What do you write? Anything!! But here are some ideas:

  • Comments about what you like
  • Questions the story raises
  • Ideas to add to the story
  • Challenges to the viability of the story
  • Comments about what you don’t like about the story (not about the direction of the story – that can be addressed when we choose which story to make our own)

So READ   —  REFLECT  —  WRITE  —  Read and Write some more. Thanks for participating.


Pathway Future Story #2

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Future Story #2 – 2014 (Social Service Model)

(Jan 26, 09 version)

Pathway Community Church  worships with 500 people in a newly renovated  campus  with a new  fellowship hall which serves as a focal point for the congregation  and complements community outreach. Weekly worship services are held at the Thornton Avenue Campus as well as other sites within the Tri-City area. These off-site locations create space where the church and the community can cross paths.

Pathway is known for its social outreach and  community service. It provides opportunities for people who are interested in active caring for the community and the world. They have 35- 40 various  groups meeting to impact people’s social and spiritual conditions. These teams meet regularly for spiritual growth and to nurture personal relationships. Some examples of our ministries are:  – Free tutoring to local students and a safe after-school study area staffed with trained volunteers
– Employment information materials and employment counselors to assist with job-searches
– Multi-cultural Welcome wagon allows for first contact to newcomers to our neighborhood.

The church continues to partner with local Tri-City social service agencies and recruits outside the congregation to fill service positions. The campus  is also used to provide other activities such as exercise classes. Recognizing our  place in the global community, PCC operates in an environmentally responsible manner. We attract a diverse membership that represents the Fremont demographic.

Pathway Future Story #3

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Future Story #3 = 2014 (Mentoring Church Model)

(Jan 26,09 version)

Pathway Community Church is a church of 500 and growing which emulates Christ’s response to those with physical and spiritual needs.  The cultural diversity of the congregation matches the demographics of the area. Social gatherings and other events enhance the multi-cultural understanding needed and  broaden the congregation culturally. The congregation is composed of individuals with many different skills, talents and strengths which are used to address the needs of the community and develop ministries. The congregation is sensitive to the ongoing and changing needs of the community. There are 125 individuals involved in ministries representing a strong infrastructure. Opportunities to go out into the local community and the world are encouraged.

PCC  has a training center  which is equipped with experts (members and non-members) who train the congregation to support the ministries of the church.  The facilities are all equipped for multi-purpose use.

Types of training currently offered include:
– veteran’s reintegration;
– disaster preparedness response and relief;
– mentoring to young families and ministry to children;
– addressing mental health issues;
– partnering with health agencies to sponsor a walk-in neighborhood health clinics

The small groups that form through the special needs groups and PCC’s ministries become an avenue through which relationships are formed and spiritual conversations or issues can be raised.
The mission and values of Pathway Community Church are expressed in every ministry represented.

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Pathway Future Story #1

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Future Story #1 – 2014 (Two Generational Focus Model)

(Jan 26, 09 version)

Pathway is recognized by the Tri City community as an open, questioning, thinking congregation providing ministries where boomers and young adults (20-30’s) converge to ask their questions, openly share their ideas, and find a place to investigate and grow their spiritual life.  Programs are offered to meet the needs of people in different stages of faith development.

Multiple worship experiences meet the needs of the two-generation groups. Pathway’s current calendar includes multiple small groups, Bible studies, social and ministry events appealing to a diverse congregation. Each group has developed their own leadership with oversight of the senior pastor.  The growing staff and leadership teams reflect the cultural diversity of our congregation and community. To maintain unity, spirit and mission, we frequently meet together for worship, mission and social events.  To best facilitate the needs of both congregations, a modern welcome center has been added to the existing building, giving a look that is more inviting.  This center includes an internet café and reflects an upgraded overall facility. The congregation has shifted to a media-intense focus that includes cutting edge technology and social networks.

Pathway is currently breaking ground for a new family resource center and sports complex.

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