Pathway Future Story #2

Future Story #2 – 2014 (Social Service Model)

(Jan 26, 09 version)

Pathway Community Church  worships with 500 people in a newly renovated  campus  with a new  fellowship hall which serves as a focal point for the congregation  and complements community outreach. Weekly worship services are held at the Thornton Avenue Campus as well as other sites within the Tri-City area. These off-site locations create space where the church and the community can cross paths.

Pathway is known for its social outreach and  community service. It provides opportunities for people who are interested in active caring for the community and the world. They have 35- 40 various  groups meeting to impact people’s social and spiritual conditions. These teams meet regularly for spiritual growth and to nurture personal relationships. Some examples of our ministries are:  – Free tutoring to local students and a safe after-school study area staffed with trained volunteers
– Employment information materials and employment counselors to assist with job-searches
– Multi-cultural Welcome wagon allows for first contact to newcomers to our neighborhood.

The church continues to partner with local Tri-City social service agencies and recruits outside the congregation to fill service positions. The campus  is also used to provide other activities such as exercise classes. Recognizing our  place in the global community, PCC operates in an environmentally responsible manner. We attract a diverse membership that represents the Fremont demographic.

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6 Comments on “Pathway Future Story #2”

  1. bstryd Says:

    We need to address the issue of cultural diversity in each of the stories. In this one, we might find specific needs that need support or help from ethnic groups.

  2. Jean Kovach Says:

    This is an exciting concept. Certainly the church plant would need to be expanded to accomodate the services we’ll provide. Would we need to recruit community members to start off some of the programs with ghe goal of training current congregation mmembers to carry on the work?

  3. Margo Roletto Says:

    Most of the services we’re imagining in #2 and 3 fit the dreams of our community service-oriented congregation, but we must find enough people to serve who feel called, are trained, or have the training or time to lead these activites. I think #1 has very good possibilities for long-range emphasis as long as we can still pursue Sunday worship, invitational fellowship events, small group Bible studies, community service, and music, sometimes all together.

  4. Janet Takayanagi Says:

    I think this one has potential, but am also concerned about the “who” of those leading or providing the services. While the idea of providing after school tutoring is attractive, we can’t assume those in the teaching profession will feel called to provide this.
    We may need to narrow down the actual services we can provide currently and then work up from there

  5. Matthew Breen Says:

    How you make the step from providing services to touching spiritual matters would have to be thought out and intentional, unless the providing services is done to fullfil the christ-felt needs of the congregation.

  6. Pat Stryd Says:

    As we go through our selection we need to use our current strenghts and build off of them. our 50 Ways campaign is a strength we could expand on (1) invite friends outside of the church to participate with us (2)invite the community to participate by becomeing a drop-off-site for some campaign

    We have to balance 2 goals (1) outreach/service to our community and (2) growing the church population. How does this story help us going our population?

    Renovation: if our own members hate our bathrooms os much, what do outsiders thing?!

    Who has a passion for tutoring? How does this help us grow? Who would be available after school?

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