Pathway’s Three Future Stories

Pathway to the Future – God’s Future for us to Fulfill our Kingdom Potential

Below are our beginning three stories. Each are in a separate post. To help us gather comments and ideas, use the comment section of each post to write what your thoughts on that story are.

What do you write? Anything!! But here are some ideas:

  • Comments about what you like
  • Questions the story raises
  • Ideas to add to the story
  • Challenges to the viability of the story
  • Comments about what you don’t like about the story (not about the direction of the story – that can be addressed when we choose which story to make our own)

So READ   —  REFLECT  —  WRITE  —  Read and Write some more. Thanks for participating.

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One Comment on “Pathway’s Three Future Stories”

  1. Linda LaPlante Says:

    Reading through each of these stories makes me realize that I want it all! I am very convinced that a church that reaches out to the community in any way is a church that will attract younger 20s-40s. But, once we attract the younger worshippers, there has to be more to keep them here.

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